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Bellycise - helping you dance off a dress size

Student comments and feedback

The fun core workout - helping you dance off a dress size

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helping you target your mummy tummy / muffin top

Why not buy the DVD and try it at home - makes an excellent present.
All the basic moves & concepts broken down to help you master moves that will tone, shape & improve posture along with your confidence.
Four different camera angles to see the moves clearly, fun workouts with funky music (check out fantastic customer feedback). Shipped to your door anywhere in the world. Great for helping you tone-up & burn fat or just add styling if you dance other styles, Salsa, Zumba, Ballroom, freestyle or any type of Belly Dance.


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Many people comment that they have lost at least a dress size and toned up their 'hard to improve' areas. They also report things like reduced back pain and better posture.

Belly dancing is well known for improving mobility, balance and co-ordination while toning the abs and waist - and it burns a surprising amount of fat.
Many students increase in confidence too, doing things they never thought they would. Classes are friendly and fun for all shapes and sizes whatever your fitness level - and you can keep your belly covered!

Benefits of Belly Dancing

Great core workout, fat burning, increases flexibility, fun! Tone and strengthen your waist and abs.

Try a class, no need to book just turn up, no need to show your belly unless you want to. Wear something loose and comfortable, bare feet or dance shoes. Suitable for all shapes and sizes, you're never too old for this gentle but effective exercise.

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Weekly class information

Details of a typical class

See the awesome feedback

Check out the DVD - excellent present

Great Offers

No need to book, just turn up and pay when you get there (unless you would like to take advantage of the discounts on the 'Offers' tab). Wear something loose and comfortable, bare feet or dance shoes. Bring a friend if you like, but you are more than welcome on your own, lots of people do it and the groups are very friendly. This is a fun class (with a little groovy latin dancing thrown in) for any shape, size or age and there is no need to show your belly unless you want to.

Class information kept up to date on this page.

Class times for Monday/Wednesday
Open to anyone 14+

Belly Buster 6:30-7:00pm (Wed only)

Half an hour of concentrated belly dance abdominal workout to strengthen, tone and burn calories.

Classes for beginners 7:00-8:30pm

No experience necessary, wear something loose and comfortable, bare feet or dance shoes.

More advanced classes 8:00-9:30pm

Please contact us for information about advanced classes or just turn up to the 7pm class.

Class Locations

Monday (except bank hols)

Walker Memorial Hall, 17/19 Ampton Road, B15 2UJ

Carpark and entrance are round at the back of the building.


Longbridge Methodist Church, Bristol Road South, B45 9TY

Opposite drive-in McDonalds.

Class cost

6:30 Belly Buster

£2 or just £1 if you do the beginners class afterward

7pm Classes

One session £6 or £30 for 8 weeks (£3.75 per lesson)

8 classes over 8 weeks at any combination of class venues

2nd class in the same week is half price - £3

Check out the Offers

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Monthly workshops

2pm Saturday 13th October 2012 FREE workshop, no experience necessary.

Very fun session working through a collection of the funky warm up routines which give an introduction to our Belly Dance fusion.

Bristol Road South (opposite drive in McDonalds),B45 9TY

If you need more information click here

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Contact information

Call Nicola on 0121 680 5329 or email BirminghamBellyDancing@gmail.com I WILL get back to you as soon as possible.

If you leave a message with a phone number and name I will return your call - please speak clearly and slowly and leave a correct number :-)

Alternatively email your question or phone number to me for a quicker response.

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About Birmingham Belly Dancing

Established in 2004.

Teaching classes centred on fitness and fun. Fun routines to music you will love - beautiful belly dancing fused with sexy latin and fun old-school styles.

A highly effective, low-impact way to dance your core muscles into shape.

See the awsome feedback

Check out the DVD - excellent present

Regular great Offers

What to expect from a typical class

90 minutes gives us time to work hard but also learn technique and routines so you know exactly what you are doing without having to feel you are playing catch-up.

Belly dance moves are combined with the best bits of latin and bollywood, and even a little fun disco dancing. You will hear some arabic music and some old favourites to get you in the dancing mood.

Sessions will start with a thorough warm-up including simple fun routines to feel-good music - follow along adding your own style with the freedom of not having to get everything 'right', just play with the moves.

Technique will follow, so moves are explained and demonstrated clearly. Moves are then put together in sequences which will be put to music, so by the end you will have learnt a routine (maybe a party piece for Christmas!).

The class will finish off with a cool-down to keep your muscles in good shape.

Belly Dance fused with Latin/Bollywood/Disco

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Other styles - taking it to the dance floor

Belly dancing is a beautiful dance art but not great for a standard dance floor. For this reason styles that are great for the dance floor (salsa, disco etc) are included in class. A little salsa footwork and a lot of Belly Dance styling looks amazing, same with other styles - Belly Dance moves will add the zing.

It is a myth that latin dances are all about the hips, the sexy wiggle actually comes from the ribcage and core control (something belly dancers do really well) - and that is not just for women, men need it too (bachata is lead by the upper body). So for your latin dancing, invest in a DVD to learn great styling options.

Zumba is energetic and can easily look better, tone you up more and be safer with excellent core control movements. But how would adding crunches look awesome? Belly Dance moves would!

To improve shimmies, hip fluidity and sexy moves like body rolls, try a DVD.

Reggaeton is largely Belly Dance with attitude, Street and Bollywood include less intense versions of Belly Dance moves so try a DVD to tighten up your moves and see new variations on them.

The bottom line is that Belly Dancing teaches body isolation and core core control which can then be applied to any dance style - lots of Ballroom teachers advocate learning a little Belly body isolation. So try some classes or a DVD.

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Freqently asked questions

What do I wear?

Something lose and comfortable, bare feet or dance shoes.

Am I too big/too old/too un co-ordinated?

No! All the moves are broken down and will become natural if you give it some time. Try a DVD for extra practice.

Can I come on my own?

Certaily, lots of people come on their own. The groups are friendly and you will not be a stranger for long.

Will this work on my 'Mummy-tummy' / muffin top?

Definitely - it tones up all the muscles round your waist and abs. Like other exercise it will not happen over night and is relative to the amount of practice you do. Check out what other students have to say.

Can I try a class before I book a block?

Yes but a block is cheaper and it takes more than one class to get into the swing of things. Check out our Offers.

I cannot always come every week.

That is ok, you can mix and match classes if that helps. The more you do the quicker you progress and there is always the DVD to practice at home too.

Will it help my back?

Belly Dance works core muscles above and beyond what is expected by osteopaths as a core workout. Your body will be trained to work muscle without stressing joints without you even thinking about it.

I have hip/back/joint problems.

Belly Dance is powerfull but gentle, you should not feel any strain on joints if moves are being exected correctly - just ask for help if you feel any discomfort.


Super bargains celebrating 12 years!

New customers & students who have not been in class in 2015 only. Classes must be taken in 2015. Hipbelts/DVDs to be collected in class.

Hipbelt plus 2 classes- £15. Excellent quality hipbelts.

Belly Dance Secrets DVDs

Excellent present

All the basic moves and concepts broken down. Four different camera angles to see the moves clearly. Fun workouts with funky music. Shipped to your door anywhere in the world. Great for helping you tone-up and burn fat or just improve your body isolation whatever style of dance you do, Salsa, Zumba, Ballroom, freestyle or any type of Belly Dance (check out fantastic customer feedback).


Customer and student comments

We have been blown away by all the fantastic feedback for the DVD (and classes). A lot of thought, work and experience goes into both, sooooo glad people are enjoying it. Here are some of the many comments...

I have lost 2 dress sizes. J.B.

Helped my Salsa dancing rock. C.F.

Worked muscles I did not know I had. J.C.

Love it! I bought one of these DVDs at one of your dance workshops and I think it's fantastic. I alternate between the workouts and just choosing a selection of the moves I enjoy the most as a quick morning workout when I'm pushed for time.When's the next DVD coming out??! J.A.

Improved my confidence. B.F.

Love my new waist. N.F.

Classes are great fun. M.M.

This video workout has helped me drop a dress size and gave me the confidence to wear a bikini again! I've been doing the classes and practising the video exercises for seven months now and really feel not only more supple and toned, but more body-confident! I would really recommend this to anyone. :)susiedancerful

DVD has shown me how stiff I am...It does not feel like exercise - it feels like expressing one's personality & getting lost in the music...A bonus would be to tighten my stomach & abdominal muscles...I want to get supple & this seems to be the best way to do it. I do not believe in army-style workouts...glad I picked up that local paper & saw your feature. R.W.

The video is a lot of fun and great exercise. It does as Nicola says and helps to sculpt the body and trim the waist. The classes are also wonderful fun and very friendly as well. I would recommend them to anyone, any age or size, belly dancing makes you more supple and will keep you supple too. marthalongbottom

Fab video Nicola, clear concise instructions. Would appeal to everyone, whether a dancer or not. I have to say, you have a fantastic body girl, a real example of your own beliefs. Loved the music, and the clear sectioning to enable the viewer to dip in and out of appropriate sections to choose. A*. Would highly recommend. x TheSaididancer

I like very much everything on it, it is the kind of DVD I've been searching for since one year by buying lots of different DVDs which actually didn't satisfy me. Now with yours I'm satisfied. Edgwig

I am very impressed. I have used the DVD and am enjoying it. The first time I tried it I lost track of time and after 45 minutes I started to feel tired - I was surprised that 45 minutes had gone by without me noticing. I want to continue this form of exercise forever. R.W.

Health benefits

A quick google will show the masses of data on the health benefits of dance - mental, physical and emotional - from increased confidence to weight loss and better balance.

Belly dance has its own specific benefits.

Firstly Belly dance moves can be applied to other types of dance, realistically, if you do not apply body moves to dancing it is just walking to music. Dancing from your core and having the extra 'styling' not only looks great but is giving you a workout without you thinking about it.

Shimmies are extreemly good for circulation which is great for everything from warming yourself up on a cold day to nurishing your skin or losening off stiff shoulders.

Undulations not only challange your core muscles but give your internal organs a good massage at the same time.

A midwife told me hip circles are great relieving the discumfort when a baby is pushing on the spin.

You have to actually try some Belly moves to appreciate the muscle power/control required. Makes you realise just how many muscles your abdomen has.

Pain relief

There is nothing quite like being in pain, it saps your energy, makes it impossible to concentrate and it something that cannot be shared or measured by anyone else. In the modern world pain killers are the answer – yay for them! But what about chronic pain? Pain killers are the worst thing possible for chronic pain because your body gets used to them and you ultimately get rebound pain which is just worse pain (never mind all the bad things taking drugs does to your body). So what do you do when people look at you and say ‘why don’t you just take some pain killers?’.

There are a lot of things in Western life that make pain inevitable so the first thing to do is to think outside the box, what is available outside general medical thinking and lifestyle choices?

Well, panic and fear are big enemies to pain relief so take a deep breath and let it all go. Repeat until calmer.

I had Fibromyalgia for over 20 years which is just a fancy title for being in unexplained pain all the time. The thing about that sort of pain is that you get used to it, it becomes the norm and you do not pay enough attention to it, you learn ways to cope. For me the crunch came when I had sever back pain and everything locked up so badly that driving home I could not operate the foot pedals and was lucky not to crash. I was unable to dress myself or bend in the slightest for weeks.

What scared me the post was the incapacitation so I resolved to find some answers.

I think most people are generally aware that palates and yoga will help with back pain and flexibility but they both require getting on the floor which I certainly could not do – even if I could how would I get back up again? I had started Belly Dancing and found the first thing I could do was a gentle shimmy which was relaxing and getting the blood flowing – great for healing. I could still do tummy pops to help me not lose core stability (a sit up would be impossible). As time went I by I was able to do more and more of the hip moves in Belly Dancing and loosen up all those tight muscles.

Since I was only a beginner Belly Dancer at this stage I had not even started to appreciate the benefits of these moves but it all seemed promising. With my analytical type mind I did what was natural to me, I broke everything down to the building blocks to find out where the maximum benefit was. Belly Dancing is a Westernised dance taken from Arabic movements. Although I love dancing with a passion it is not always convenient to dance, I needed to be able to go into the toilet at work and utilise the moves if I got stiff from sitting and need to loosen up - what I was doing was turning it into exercise/body isolation training. In turn that improved my dancing but also gave me things I could put into my regular exercise, the best thing being that it actually changed my posture so I was getting benefits of muscles working together without strain even when not doing the moves.

All that ultimately led to a point of no pain and a very flat stomach with not a sit up in sight :-)